Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


The holidays are upon us and that probably means you’re out there shopping for the perfect gifts. If you’re shopping for a traveler this year, here are a few items that we think would make any traveler smile!

All of these items we own and have used ourselves. If you have more questions about our experience with them, let us know in the comments!

Mophie Phone Charging Case

When traveling so much depends on having your phone charge and ready to go… from taking pictures and navigating new towns to translating foreign languages and researching local food options. We rely heavily on the Mophie iPhone charging cases, like this one.

Amazon, $28.50


Voltaic Solar Charging Systems

Sometimes we just can’t get to a electricity source. This can be while our hiking, on the boat/kayak, or simply while camping. For these types of situations, we absolutely love our Voltaic Systems FUSE 6W charging system. This solar charging panel connects easily to all our favorite daypacks and supplies power to our phones, cameras, tablets, and GPS units. There is also a larger panel that can accommodate laptops if that’s what you need. Never leave home without one!

Voltaic Systems, $129


You have to start the day off right! So Marc’s number one travel companion is his aeropress. The first thing he does after waking up is make coffee, whether he’s at home or traveling. With the aeropress, making coffee is quick and easy. And with this set up, it’s compact and travels easily alongside your favorite coffee.

Amazon, $29.95

Solar and USB Rechargeable Lantern

We used this lantern for our recent trip to Iceland in a camper van. It was great because we could charge it with the power of the sun by placing it on the dashboard during the day but then we could also charge it via USB if it was cloudy or nighttime. The light is bright but also has a few dimmer settings including one that mimics candle light, which was our favorite.

Amazon, $15.99

Quick Drying, Lightweight Camping Towel

Camping towels can be really expensive especially if you buy them from a specialty camping and/or outdoor store, which is why when we stumbled upon these Wise Owl towels we were leery. However it turns out they’re amazing towels! They’re large enough to use as a body towel and come with a washcloth and a carrying case. They’re soft and dry super fast!

Amazon, $16.95

iPhone Tripod

Someone once told us that when you’re traveling, make sure to take pictures of yourselves in all these amazing places. Anyone can Google a photo of a place and see it, but the real memories come from being able to see yourself in the place. With that in mind, we started traveling with an iPhone tripod. This one is super lightweight, small, and comes with a handy bag to keep it in.

Amazon, $24.99

Earbuds Case and Charger

This one is good for travelers and anyone else who uses earbuds. Whether you keep it in your backpack, purse, or car, the Mophie Power Capsule is the best companion for anyone on the go! Inside it will fit earbuds and the charging cords that you need to keep the capsule juiced up. In our experience, the capsule can charge our Bose earbuds at least twice before it needs to be recharged itself.

Amazon, $30.30


Traveling Backpack

First off, we’re not backpackers so we aren’t too concerned with weight. What we are concerned with is having bags that are big enjoy to carry what we need to bring and are durable enough to withstand everything that comes along with traveling. For years we have been very loyal to Timbuk2 and all of these bags—from backpacks and messenger bags to work totes.

Timbuk2, prices vary



Again, not backpackers but when we head off on day trips (hikes, sightseeing, etc.) we each always carry a daypack. And we are obsessed with these REI Ruckpacks! We’ve both had them for a few years and they have been everywhere with us. You can easily fit a water bottle, camera, windbreaker, snacks and anything else important in this light-weight and comfortable pack.

REI, $64.95

Out of Office Luggage Tag

Of course we have to promote this “out of office” luggage tag! It’s your hard-earned time off so enjoy yourself while you’re away from the office. Set your email OOO response and grab your OOO luggage tag because you’re out of here!

Amazon, $9.80