Celebrating American Thanksgiving in Canada

We know this sounds weird… celebrating one country’s holiday by leaving that country for another one that doesn’t recognize it as a holiday but stay with us and you’ll understand.

One of the best parts about living near Detroit, is that we are just a bridge crossing away from Canada. This means we can get in and out of Canada pretty quickly, depending on the wait at Customs. This quick commute was also the inspiration of one of our favorite family holiday traditions.

Fun Fact:

Detroit is the only U.S. city where you can drive south into Canada.

Several years ago, our two families struggled with what to do for Thanksgiving. It’s on a Thursday and everyone has to work on Wednesday which impacts our ability to clean the house, shop, and cook the massive amounts of food that is required to be a successful Thanksgiving. With both of our families in flux, we decided to start a new tradition—CANADA!

Every Thanksgiving, we head across the Ambassador Bride into Windsor, Ontario from Detroit and go directly to Caesars Windsor Casino for an afternoon of food and fun.

We meet at the casino at Noon and from there we all go our own ways to gamble. It’s just a normal Thursday in Canada so the casino isn’t very busy and we end up running into each other a lot. You can usually find the guys near TVs watching the Lions game!

Then after a couple hours of play (once the game is done), we all meet up at the Caesars Market Buffet for dinner. The best part is that the buffet actually serves an American Thanksgiving buffet! There is everything from a turkey carving station and all the typical sides to a pasta bar, sushi, and pizza. And there is an amazing dessert buffet! There is definitely something for everyone!

After we are full, we usually go back into the casino for a little longer before going back to the U.S. This year we all left as losers, but that’s okay, it is always fun and the food is good!

This has become one of our favorite holiday traditions. Not only is is easy and a low-lift for everyone in the family but it is still a great way for us all to spend time together!