Our Exclusive Guide to Iceland (Free Download)

After extensively planning two trips to Iceland over the last two years, we have become somewhat of local experts for our families and friends. We’ve been asked a lot of questions and have even helped others plan trips.

It’s been fun helping others learn more about Iceland and reliving our travels through them, which is why we have developed our very own Iceland Travel Guide to share with everyone!


Our exclusive Iceland Travel Guide is packed full of information including lists of our favorite places, what to pack, and what to do. We have also put together full itineraries and maps for three, five, and ten-day trips to the Land of Fire and Ice.

This 18 page travel guide to Iceland is completely free for download and can even be printed to take along with you on your trip!

Want to learn more about our time spent in Iceland?

This blog is full of our photos, videos, and testimonials in the Fav Destinations: Iceland section.

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