The Donuttery: Donut Kingpin of Huntington Beach (and Maybe the World)


An unassuming storefront nestled among a nondescript shopping plaza on Beach Blvd. is The Donuttery. Now it might not look like much from the small parking lot out front but it is a must-experience stop while in the area.

We found the doughnut bakery whist Googling some vegan-friendly breakfast spots nearby for Marc and since we both have a sweet tooth, we had to check it out. We walked in and were immediately taken aback by the trays and trays of colorful doughnuts and the luscious smell of sugar. 


We picked out a few different kinds to take back and try. This was hands down the best decision of our lives and we continued to go back, day after day, to pick up more delicious concoctions. 

Our favorite: The Long John (both regular and vegan. But the apple crisp, chocolate frosted, chocolate mint, and cinnamon roll were also delicious. 

Over the course of our week-long stay , we visited The Donuttery almost every day and spent over a $100 total.

Trust us when we say: YOU MUST GO HERE