Our Guide to San Ignacio, Belize

san ignacio

After making the two and a half hour drive west from Hopkins, we found ourselves in the middle of a bustling little town called San Ignacio.


Midas Belize

We stayed in a cute little hut at Midas Belize. The self-contained room was complete with a private washroom and little porch overlooking the property. On-site Midas had a pool (complete with a grotto only accessible through an underwater passage way on the far end of the pool), a bar, and a cafe serving breakfast. The rooms/huts were nicely updated and fairly clean but there was little to no water pressure and the in-room mini fridge positioned by the door was unable to reach an outlet (you literally could not plug it in anywhere in the hut, even if you wanted to rearrange the furniture). 

Honestly, we were attracted by the jungle huts and didn't do as much research as we should have about this place. Don't get us wrong, Midas is probably in the top three places to stay in Midas (and definitely one of the more budget friendly ones) with the best location but if we had to do it over we would have picked Cahal Pech Village Resort.

Cahal Pech Village Resort

We did not stay at Cahal Pech Village Resort but we did stop by and eat lunch at the on-site restaurant. Cahal Pech Village Resort is located just over a kilometer out of town, on top of a hill which overlooks all of San Ignacio and the Cahal Pech archaeological site. 

The views alone are enough to win us over but throw in the amazing property with pools, spa, dining and lots of guided trips and this is definitely a no brainer. The walk into town is quick and safe but on the way back to the resort you may want to hail a cab ($5 USD) to take you back up the hill other wise you're in for a brutal workout.  

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Nestled in the middle of San Ignacio is the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This luxury, boutique hotel is located on a 17-acre private estate that is walking distance of the Cahal Pech Maya site and downtown San Ignacio. 

The hotel was recently renovated and it is absolutely beautiful with a marble Mediterranean-style lobby, exotic hardwoods, an air-conditioned Baroque-themed Lobby Bar, a formal dining room, and an extended outdoor seating area that is as picturesque as it is serene. Perhaps the best part about the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is its iguana experience (see below). 

Things to Do

Without a car we were able to adventure through the town over the course of two days without a problem. 

Visit with Iguanas

Located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is an interactive exhibit located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel that gives visitors a closer look at the life of Green Iguanas. Cost: $9 USD

Cook Like a Local

Before going to Belize we were told on many occasions that we had to find and check out Marie Sharp's hot sauce (it is actually a favorite condiment of Hilary Clinton), which is based out of San Ignacio. Once in town it wasn't hard to find! The Marie Sharp's Tourist Center and Culinary Classes are based out of the Rainforest Haven Inn where they will teach you how to cook like a local or, if you're short on time like we were, you can just purchase sauce to take home and enjoy. Classes: $50 USD

Taste the Chocolates

Stop by the new AJAW Chocolate shop for both tastings and a demonstration on how the chocolate is made from start to finish. When we were in town it was the first day of AJAW's new shop being open. Tours weren't ready yet but we enjoyed a tasting and went home with some delicious chocolate just in time for Valentine's Day! Read our review on Trip Advisor

See the Ruins

The Cahal Pech Archaeological Site is in San Ignacio. You can read all about our time spent here in our Hiking Mayan Ruins in Belize post. 


Ko-Ox Han Nah (Let's Go Eat)

We ate at Ko-ox Han Nah twice while in San Ignacio, once for lunch and another day for dinner. The food is great--wide variety--and it is very reasonably priced. Located right in the heart of San Ignacio, it is the perfect spot to stop into on your way through town. They serve curry, which helps Marc on his mission to have curry in every country he visits!

The Guava Limb Restaurant & Café

We didn't find the Guava Limb, a true gem, until our last day in San Ignacio and I wish we would have found it sooner! The food was absolutely fantastic and the atmosphere was even better. Even though we were right downtown, the building backed up to a tree-lined yard that made you feel like you were in a secluded space. We both had pizzas (very American of us, yes we know) and enjoyed some peace before heading back to Belize City to catch our plane home.

Hode's Place

Hode's Place is in walking distance from Midas Resort in San Ignacio which made is a quick and easy choice the day that it was raining and we didn't want to walk all the way into town. They also deliver take-out right to Midas, which was very convenient. 

Bambu Tee Belize

Marc was absolutely obsessed with Bambu Tee. Who would have known that in the middle of the jungle we would have found Japanese bubble tea?! I'd be lying if I didn't say we visited this place every day that we were in San Ignacio. 

Have other questions about what to do in San Ignacio? Leave your question in the comments!

Katelyn at the center of San Ignacio

Katelyn at the center of San Ignacio

Midas Belize Resort

Midas Belize Resort

Marc's favorite Marie Sharp's hot sauce

Marc's favorite Marie Sharp's hot sauce

San Ignacio murals and street art

San Ignacio murals and street art