Katelyn Celebrates the BIG 3-0 in Belize

If there is one thing that Katelyn wanted for her birthday it was that she wanted to turn 30 somewhere warm and far away from the cold and snowy weather that is Michigan in January!

And having also wanting to see ancient ruins, Belize quickly became a front-runner for her birthday vacation.


After flying in to Belize City and driving to Hopkins, Katelyn woke up on her birthday to the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea in a beachfront villa at Hopkins Bay Resort. The day was perfect. The rain from the night before had cleared and we spent the day lounging on the beach, cooling off in the pool, and walking the shoreline. We even had some fresh coconuts from a nearby tree (thanks to the great staff that pulled them down and chopped them open).

Towards early afternoon, a rain shower started to move in which was perfect timing since Katelyn was scheduled for a surprise massage. The masseuse came right up to the room and set up the table for a private massage withe the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach and the steady rain outside creating the perfect atmosphere.

After the massage, we adventured back outside for a walk before we needed to get ready for dinner. When we came back to the room, we were pleasantly surprised!

hopkins bay birthday

The wonderful staff at Hopkins Bay had decorated the room, brought in flowers, and gifted us with some of the largest cupcakes I've ever seen! At first Katelyn thought this was Marc's doing, however it turns out that word had spread through the resort and the staff just wanted to do something special.

The best part though? This cute card that was dropped off (in the rain) by the staff! 


As if this birthday wasn't special enough, the staff at Hopkins Bay really made it a day to remember!

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